Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Membrane Science 2017

About Conference

International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology organized by Allied Academics welcomes your experience and expertise to the fashion-capital of world- Paris, France during 11-12 September, 2017.
Membrane Separation Processes-The separation techniques that are uniquely physical in nature and operate without the usage of heat and thus utilizing least energy as compared to the orthodox Thermal Separation Methods.
In 2014, the International Membrane Market Analysis shows that Asia-Pacific and North-America, accounted for the major share acquisition. U.S., in North America was the largest consumer of Membranes. The driving forces of the Membrane Market are water & wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals & medical uses, food and beverages, and chemical processing sectors.The Middle-East Asia region is anticipated to catalog the highest growth rates for the membrane market because of the demand for desalination and wastewater treatment units in the region and is followed by LATAM in terms of growth rate. 
Water and wastewater treatment and pharmaceuticals and medical segments become the prime reason for maximum segment in the membranes market with approximately 62% share in 2014. Concentrated growth is probable from industrial gas processing and others segments in the near future. The accumulative use of membranes in the oil and gas fields for gas processing, hydrogen production, carbon dioxide removal from natural gas streams, and so on are likely to motivate the development in the membranes market from 2015 to 2020. Also, the demand for membranes is envisioned to get incremented in the future with the growth of the emerging economies further strengthening the market.

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